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If you are like most attorneys, you are looking ways to make your arguments more persuasive.

There is abundant research about how we capture the attention of our audiences, how the right narrative engages them, and how the power of well-designed support visuals make our points clear, understandable, and memorable.

New technologies are available to attorneys. CommInLaw provides the tools to use these to gain the competitive edge.





For nearly three decades, our strategists and consultants have helped domestic and global firms tell their stories better.

The practices have been adapted to meet the unique needs of attorneys, for presentations in the courtroom, in depositions, in negotiations, or any venue where an attorney must communicate both information and credibility.











You'll harness two skills: The story and the use of visual technologies to make your facts crystal clear.












Our approach is based on research and the science of how people decide, on the art and craft of the story, and on the right technology and delivery persona as a conduit to engagement, clarity, and memorability.











You'll learn to prepare, to create a story/content, to back it with visuals that underscore and reinforce, and to deliver with credibility and control.












To help audiences reach a decision, you'll capture attention, engage, communicate simply and clearly, make content memorable, and help the audience assimilate it as a backdrop as they weigh the facts.



training and support

Whether we train or support you, we will contribute as a member of your team.


You'll quickly see the return-on-investment:






How a few hours invested in training will make you  measurably more effective and streamline the development of your materials 
  dollar How the few dollars you invest will be recouped almost immediately in productivity, not to mention in your ability to present a more compelling case